Monday, May 10, 2010

Heartbroken in Texas

This past week my family lost a wonderful lady, mother, grandma and great grandma. I flew back to Texas to say my final goodbye to my grandma where she was laid to rest with my grandpa in the small town my dad grew up in. Its been years since we've been there and probably will not get the chance to go back for awhile, if ever.

Texas has always had a special place in my heart and forever will. Appreciating where I've come from is important to me to go forward in life. 

This is the house my grandparents raised 9 kids at!! Oh if this house could talk...  now only the memories remain here...

 End of an era and life goes on...


  1. 1...I'm very sorry about your loss...i love you!! 2...these pictures are amazing and say so much...3....NINE kids in that house?!?! Really if walls could talk!!!...4...she had to be amazing to raise 9 kids there! 5...miss you!

  2. i love the pictures tori!! Especially the ones of the old house. I love you bunches and hope to see you soon on better cercomstances of course! Hope you guys are doing well ad give a kiss and hug to your dad mom and Johnny!! Xoxox