Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Family Affair

I met up with the Rosenfield siblings on what had to be the WINDIEST day!! I was sure they would show up and immediately demand "I cant work like this!" but they were amazing and were up for some fun! Gary, the oldest, is in law school, Carli and Ashely (the twins!!) are busy studying for entertainment and health industry and all of them are busy traveling! Their mom had actually reached out to get some shots of them, I thought that was awesome!After finally tracking all of them down for a day we got some great captures of them!

Heres a sneak peek!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Headshots for a Grown up-ish Gal

Also this past weekend I was able to meet up with an old bride, Samara! I shot her wedding last year and had such a blast with her and her now husband! I was so stoked to hear from her when she needed new headshots! She has been going on lots of auditions and has not had headshots since 2010 so we need "grown up" shots now!

You can also check out Samara blog The Smarty at the Party for a simulating read :) 

We had a blast and that smile, contagious I tell ya!


Last week was packed with shoots! Like usual some were very last minute, but those can sometimes be the best! This one was no exception! While prepping for one shoot I had down time waiting for my client to arrive and I received  a call forma  friend Natalie, an amazingly talented fashion blogger. She was super excited as she had just been asked by Levi's Jeans to contribute in a project celebrating the 501 jeans 140th anniversary! She asked me to collaborate with her for the perfect shot!

We met early Saturday for a fun shoot in Santa Monica and got a bunch a great shots! Here are just a few of my favorites!

Levis will be teaming with Vice Magazine for this project, more info to come when published!