Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Normal is Overratted

It doesn't happen to often that I get a couple I HAVE to keep up with! But when it does, what a fun shoot it turns out to be!! Emily and David and dont have the typical love story, after meeting about a year ago this girl knew exactly what she wanted and SHE PROPOSED to him! She surprised David at his office! They are such a fun outgoing couple and have a love thats contagious! Im so excited for their Game Show themed wedding at the end of the year I can hardly wait!

Enjoy this peek from their engagement sesh last week!


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  1. These are HILARIOUS! You really captured the energy of the shoot and we enjoyed that you enjoyed our sense of humor. :)

    Just a couple of small corrections: the wedding is games themed, not Korean games, and I actually proposed to him at my office, not his. Still, the overall message is spot on, cuz we had a blast and we're so glad that you are able to keep up with our zany sense of humor! ;)