Monday, November 16, 2009

Introducing Isaiah Mayne!

As some of you may know I have been trying to step up my A game (HA!) and been hitting the gym lately. But I feel to really see results you have to REALLY get serious and what better way than getting a trainer!

Introducing Mr. Isaiah Mayne, my trainer. :)

He looks intense and trust me HE IS! haha Not really, this dude will have you cracking up at his uncanny Family Guy impressions and his love for life and fitness is contagious. He's been kicking my ass lately and I must admit, I love it!

We hit the streets of downtown Riverside early Sunday morning for some fun in alley ways! As weddings keep me busy during the wedding season (yes theres a season) I try to get in as many portrait sessions as possible. I was able to help out Isaiah with some rad promos for his own business as a personal trainer. And of course some suave headshots for the ladies. Yes ladies he is single and currently accepting applicants!!
We don't really get a chance to talk much because, well, he's busy sculpting me! duh! hahaha so it was fun to relax and just have some fun! But I had to step this up a notch and get him to show his athletic side and some intimidation. My favorite!!

If you're interested in Isaiah rates and availability you can best reach him via email

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