Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day shoot in Northern California

It was the end of my weekend up north so my buddy Andrew and I decided to take advantage of the cloudy day (my favorite) and explore...

As we were driving I spotted this rad looking beat up barn, I insisted we stop!!...

I love these abandon places, so empty but you can feel it in the air it has a past.

The colors were gorgeous!!
The ground was oddly soft and we were waiting for something or someone to jump out at us haha

Andrew hates the camera so I REALLY had make him pose (HA!)

My favorite shot of the day...

Andrew sneaked in a couple pics of me, ha thanks!

We kept it moving and headed to Delta, a river town for sure... it was so eerie and quiet...until we arrived of course! lol

Funny little ash trays in the streets

Finally got him to take off his shades!

Didn't last long tho ...

We ended at this bridge ... just had to get a couple...Andrew doing his thang! lol

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