Monday, November 9, 2009

Cassidy Wedding

It was another fun weekend!! On Saturday I was lucky enough to be a a part of one my awesome sororities sisters Fathers wedding! Wendy and William Cassidy!

Wendy was so much fun to shoot! As I arrived she was nothing but excited! And well..we all know the best way to deal with that.... bottoms up! haha The first of many cheers of the day :)I've been talking w Wendy for the past month over the phone and via email about this day and its always exciting to see the day unfold and the happiness fill the air.
As the ceremony was about to start I already knew this was gonna be a tear jerker.. the speeches by the kids were touching, honest and included many tears of happiness.Wendy's son walked her down the aisle to Bill who was all smiles :) First Kiss!!! .. now officially Mr. & Mrs. Cassidy!

Party Time!

A quick snap shot of the Bride and I :)

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  1. Tori,
    We so loved our pictures. They're just Beautiful. These pictures made us go back to the most beautiful day of our life together.
    Thank you for giving us that.
    Wendy & Bill